3 Smart Strategies to Create Value for Your Retail Tenants

Mar 24, 2020Landlord & Malls0 comments

Add value, add value, add value! Let’s face it―we all know that to stand out and be competitive as a business, in the long run, we need to consistently add value to our clients. But how exactly? Compared to the US, many Canadian real estate investment trusts (REITs) have had a pioneering approach to this by focusing on the experience process & using innovative technology. Let’s discover 3 smart strategies to create value for your retail tenants.


Creating an Experience of Interconnection

Canadian REITs are leading the way by acknowledging today’s customer experience (CX). It starts with sourcing the best employees for their tenants. An enthusiastic and eager workforce is one of the most powerful ways for retailers to secure strong CX. With the right workers, they can make all the difference when it comes to delivering an exceptional shopping experience. It’s no longer enough for REITs to only lease space for retail-adjacency and foot-traffic from the mall. Today, REITs are taking a leadership position by recognizing that as CX centers, they are selling the value of their center as an all-inclusive destination. Instead, these modern-day hubs establish a community of shoppers and employees as an interconnected audience in one physical locality. Wirkn has all the principal REITs onboard, such as IC, CF, Oxford, Morguard, Cominar, and Ivanhoe Cambridge. This includes over 80 properties, 1.2M candidates, 3,500 brands, and 11,000 locations.  


Creating Transactional Value

Technology and shifting attitudes of the workforce are providing retailers with an opportunity to transform their staffing costs into other ways of generating value. Operators can give advanced job portal capabilities to streamline and accelerate the recruitment process by providing jobseekers with the ultimate in job flexibility and control. This platform surpasses what any retailer can offer and helps to build a talented pool of great employees. It’s a win-win situation for everyone―employees, retailers, and operators.


A New Revenue Generator-Sponsorship, Premier Features and Audience Retention

As REITs are looking to offer more value to their tenants, Wirkn’s advanced recruitment platform will become a new industry standard.

By providing suitable, quality staff for their tenants, we help deliver high-quality experiences that attract and retain devoted shoppers and satisfied tenants. Wirkn’s advanced platform has already helped over 11,000 hiring managers across North America to successfully hire full-time, part-time, and one-off events (i.e. Black Friday) employees or seasonal employment (i.e. Holiday overflows). And our talent pool of qualified candidates is continually growing!