4 Reasons Malls Hold the Key to Your Dream Job

May 26, 2016Candidates & Job Seekers0 comments

Hunting for a part-time job or full-time summer gig? Your search might likely begin and end with a shopping mall near you. Malls can be an ideal place to start your job search because of the super high concentration of retail stores and restaurants. In case you’re on the fence about whether to apply at a shopping center or at a store somewhere else, here are the top reasons why we think a mall job could be the best move for you.

1. Become an expert

Retail jobs can offer a lot more than a notch on your resume and a paycheck. Working hard and showing your loyalty to a company can result in a fulfilling career rather than just a job to get by. Becoming an “expert” at a major company’s store can also enable you to travel to a store’s different locations (should you wish to move). Lots of retailers can also show you the path from the stockroom to the board room. For example, fast-fashion mega brand, H&M, is keen on helping their sales associates move up the ladder. They know that it’s crucial for them to keep their loyal employees by training them well and offering them long-term, real careers.

In one store alone, you can learn and master several positions and eventually take on managerial roles that lead to your dream career in Marketing, HR, Finance, and more! Pick your dream company and prove to them you’re willing to work up from the bottom–it’s one of the best things you can do for your career.

2. Started at the bottom now you’re here

A gig in the food court might not be your number one choice, but don’t immediately pass on that job opening at the pizza stand! The food court is a great place to learn the mall ecosystem and to gain the experience necessary to do something that suits you better. Many people who work in malls get recruited from one company to another. Remember, if you have limited work experience, demonstrating that you have been punctual, reliable, trustworthy and friendly in the food court speaks much louder to the managers at your favorite shoe store than an application that shows no proof of notable work ethic.

3. Let’s talk about discounts…

We need to discuss something of utmost importance here. Lots of retail jobs come with perks (you’ve probably figured that one out). Some shopping centers offer mall-wide discounts to their employees–making your holiday shopping a whole lot easier, not to mention, making your life a whole lot more fun! Make friends with employees at other stores and their discounts might very well work in your favor. Ca-ching!

4. Upgrade your connections

Social capital is extremely important. You know the saying: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Working in a mall means being surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds of people your age who are working towards similar goals. Make friends with people at the mall who are working the job you really want. Learn from their accomplishments, and let them learn from yours. Contrary to what some people might think, sharing information doesn’t help your competition get ahead–it actually empowers everyone directly or indirectly.

While working a part-time job in an office or an indie boutique in a quiet area might seem attractive, it’s important to consider how many opportunities lie in your local shopping mall.

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