Exciting News…

May 9, 2015News0 comments

Hey Wirkn Users,

We have some exciting news to share with you! Our development team has been working really hard on bringing some big changes and improvements your way. It’s a lot of technical stuff that we won’t bore you with, but we did undergo an entire backend rewrite integration (wow). This means that our team has spent many long nights over the past few weeks rewriting a lot of the code behind your favourite job search app for the integration to a new server and database.

Long story short, what YOU can expect from this new update is a smoother and a lot faster user experience. After all, job searching shouldn’t be a time consuming process so we’re always trying to better your experience.

Don’t forget to update your app so you can enjoy the full benefits of the latest version.

Do you have an idea of how we can make Wirkn better for you? Let us know in the comments below or message us at hello@wirkn.com. We love constructive criticism and would love to hear from you!