Getting a job…by chat?

Apr 19, 2016Candidates & Job Seekers0 comments

When was the last time you used MSN, MySpace Chat, or AOL? Or maybe it’s called Snapchat these days. Look at your latest Snaps. Did it feel like a big accomplishment when you messaged your roommate to turn off the lights (hello Freshman 15)?

We have become so reliant on messaging that we want to do everything we can on chat: ordering a cab (I mean Uber), getting late night pizza delivered, and even … finding a job?

Yes, now you can even find and apply to jobs through chat.
What does that mean? It means you can talk to a friendly guy (or bot) and ask him what jobs you should apply to. This lovely guy (slash bot but they’re almost interchangeable) will recommend you jobs to apply to based on your personality and location, or you can tell him exactly what you want, and he will show you jobs near you. Whether you’re looking for a sweet retail job for the weekends, an epic job at your favorite restaurant or even to be a lifeguard over the summer, Wirkn has tens of thousands of jobs in US & Canada waiting for you.

Meet your new BFF — the Wirkn Job Bot (which you can find on Kik Bot Shop or by scanning the code below). Just say hi, let Wirkn be your personal job hunter. No more parents nagging you to get off the couch and cringing at your empty bank account. Time to pause Netflix, add Wirkn to your BFF list, and start chatting to find yourself a job.