Give your Best First Impression

Mar 2, 2018Tips0 comments

We are all aware that first impressions are crucial during any meeting or encounter. Who’s never regretted their actions during a first encounter? Whether it be mumbling our words, incapable of controlling certain gestures, or just flat out become awkward…we all sometimes struggle to make that all important first impression. Recent studies published by Harvard University indicate that people have a mere 7 seconds to make a good first impression! The explanation goes deeper, our subconscious is actually acting as a judge and decisions will be heavily influenced on two elements, the warmth and competence of the person. Warmth refers to the likeability, cordiality, and trustworthiness of the individual while the competence refers to the capability and how well the person fits the desired profile. For example, a good customer service involves an associate who has good communication skills allowing him or her to perform well under different situations. The video introduction is a great way for employers to find the right person for the job!

Everyday we form first impressions of someone and people do the same with us. This is a reality that will follow us throughout our professional and personal life. So be remarkable within seconds of meeting a new person by following our tips!

From social media like Facebook to Wirkn, technologies are binding us and should be considered as assets. For example, recording yourself is a good way to practice your sales pitch, look at your posture, and listen to your voice pitch and speed. It is important to express yourself clearly, and in a professional manner. Always be sure to use appropriate and relevant language. Make sure to sit straight or if you stand, keep your chest lifted and shoulders back to show your enthusiasm to your audience and look directly into the camera, as if you’re looking at the person to display your confidence, and honesty. Besides, nonverbal behaviors can become your enemies if not well-managed. Avoid frowning, slouching or being distracted and be sure to smile! 🙂 Lastly, take a step back and challenge yourself to improve where there is a need. Are you impressed by your own answers, the way you handled it? How satisfied are you with your performance?

Remember the video introduction we spoke about? Well, if it’s required by the employer, it’s a huge benefit as it will allow you to record yourself and only post your best shot! You can re-take it as many times as you want, consequently offering your best performance to the employer. The video is significantly beneficial if you have little or no work experience since it allows you to showcase your communication skills, warmth, personality and drive. It is an excellent alternative to stand out even if your resume is not, at first sight, impressive for the employer due to the lack of experience.

At last, go for a professional attire whether you’re meeting the person or you’re in front of the camera! To dress appropriately and to have a neat appearance (a well-groomed look) will have a significant impact on the first impression. Be aware, within 7 seconds the person can tell if you are THE right person for the job!

Let’s get Wirkn! Submit your application now and take control of your first impression as much as possible or go rehearse for your interview!