JWB (Jobs With Benefits): 10 Awesome Places to Work

May 6, 2016Candidates & Job Seekers0 comments

Looking for a JWB(job with benefits)? Look no further! We’ve taken the time to come up with some amazing places to work with complete discounts and freebies.

1. SportChek

Having a job at SportChek is a full package! You get the benefit of having a 50% off discount on top of 30 minute breaks and who doesn’t love that?

2. Baskin Robbins

3 words. FREE ICE CREAM. Working in an ice cream shop can be torture if you’re forced to just serve frozen dessert all day without being able to try some so thank god for this benefit!

3. Lush

This company wins hands down for having the best smelling place to work! Oh, and you get a 50% discount, free products and employee bonding time!

4. Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the best places for students to work and boasts a great environment with plenty of opportunities to grow. Starbuck’s employees have benefits ranging from free drinks to discounts as well as stock options! Moreover, even if you work part-time you are still eligible for health benefits — how great is that?!

5. Aldo

If you love shoes, then you better start applying to Aldo’s near you! Aldo offers a 50% discount for it’s employees and has plenty of opportunities to climb up the management ladder.

6. David’s Tea

If tea is something you crave then this is the perfect job for you. Employees at David’s Tea get to enjoy free tea on the job as well as 50% off all products in store.

7. Apple

Working as an employee at an Apple store is an extremely rewarding experience, with generous discounts, supportive manager and flexibility with hours — Apple’s work environment actively takes into consideration your personal life and how to accommodate emergencies. Not only do Apple employees get 50% off of the new Apple Watch, but they also get a renewable offer of either $500 off a Mac or $250 off an iPad every 3 years!

8. Victoria’s Secret

Depending on your position, benefits vary for Victoria’s Secret employees. Part-time staff get 30% off discounts on products while full-time staff get 40%. Once a month is where the real magic happens though where employees get one free bra a month plus free additional products here and there!

9. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works discounts range from 30–50% depending on what you’re buying and if it’s your home store. That being said though, you can still get a discount at other Bath and Body Works locations!

10. Urban Outfitters

At Urban Outfitters the dress code for work is up to you! You can wear whatever you want (with limitations of course) and get discounts that extend beyond the store! — not many places can boast that added benefit. Discounts include 40% off apparel and 25% off on home, electronics and beauty merchandise. These discounts can additionally also be applied to Anthropologie and Free People stores, plus their websites!

So what are you waiting for? Apply to jobs now.