Ready, Set, Rehire! – More Candidates, More Work

Jun 1, 2020Employers & Hiring Managers, Landlord & Malls0 comments

The massive increase in unemployment across North America is one of the many unfortunate and unprecedented outcomes of the COVID-19 crisis. Across sectors, we have seen workers suffer wage cuts, furloughing, or the outright loss of their livelihood. This means that the pool of candidates for any given position in the post-COVID market will not only be larger than it was pre-COVID, but the skills and experience of these candidates will be more diverse and varied than ever. Retail, in particular, looks to see a surge in candidates who may have never considered working retail before. The unforeseen number of viable, skilled candidates seeking retail jobs presents a special problem for employers gearing up to reopen.


A larger applicant pool with a broader or deeper skillset may seem like a boon, but it also runs the risk of bogging HR down and grinding reopening plans to a halt. A larger applicant pool with multifaceted skills and specialized talents is an absolute blessing, but could easily hinder the resumption of operations if those skilled and talented candidates are not vetted efficiently and thoroughly. How retailers attract, interview, and onboard this new group of candidates in a post-COVID world will have a decisive impact on how they bounce back and flourish in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


Wirkn is a solution to these problems. Our video-first platform enables retailers to speak directly to the people they want. We help employers make the best first impression. We are here to facilitate connections with this eager and available new group of potential team members. Our easy to use and customizable platform ensures a low barrier for application on the candidate side and a straightforward user experience on the employer side. Wirkn is devoted to turning this crisis into an opportunity for job seekers and employers alike. Whether rehiring past employees or hiring new candidates from unexpected backgrounds, our platform – enhanced by our AI and sector expertise – helps people get back to business as smoothly and simply as possible. By streamlining and simplifying every part of the hiring process, Wirkn helps people get back to living their best life.