Ready, Set, Rehire! – Speed is Everything

May 29, 2020Employers & Hiring Managers0 comments

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that the world can change at a moment’s notice. Malls typically bustling with shoppers were closed indefinitely almost overnight. The impact of shelter-at-home orders on retail operations was swift and decisive. Reopening on the other side of these shelter-at-homer orders demands swift and decisive action in kind. As local and national governments roll out plans for phased reopening, retailers need to be ready to quickly and ably welcome consumers back. Getting into the swing of ‘the new normal’ will mean rehiring former or furloughed employees, but also finding, interviewing, and onboarding new ones.


The complexity of rehiring and hiring on this massive scale and rapid pace risks becoming a bottleneck for smooth reentry into the marketplace. As we have seen from the limited reopenings so far, consumers are ready and eager to go back to the shops. It falls on retailers to rehire or hire employees who are ready and eager to respond to this pent-up demand. ‘Time to Hire’ can no longer be treated as one metric among others. Retailers need the right candidates right now. They can no longer afford the time-intensive process of searching out, assessing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding candidates over the course of weeks or months. At Wirkn, we know that speed is everything.


Whatever the reopening strategy, Wirkn is a 360 degree solution that brings qualified, available, and excited job candidates to retailers who need them. Our video-first platform means that both employers and candidates can introduce themselves remotely and asynchronously. Our unique Virtual Hiring tools for reactivation, interviewing, and onboarding streamlines the process of getting back to business in this everchanging landscape. What retail looks like in ‘the new normal’ may still be uncertain, but there is no question that retailers will need skilled and capable candidates and some means to get them working as efficiently and quickly as possible. Wirkn provides exceptional, local candidates and the means of getting them onboard with as little downtime as possible. Whatever comes next, Wirkn is here to help job candidates and employers get back to living their best life by simplifying and speeding up every aspect of hiring.