The recruitment landscape has been radically altered by COVID-19. Unprecedented unemployment numbers mean that more people with more diverse skillsets than ever are looking for jobs. One of the key – and underappreciated – aspects of this “new normal” is the necessity of distinguishing your brand, your team, as a secure and fulfilling employment opportunity for would-be job candidates. Making sure that you shine out as a rewarding and welcoming workplace matters now more than ever. The traditional job ad – with its wall of text addressing company culture, the open position, the qualifications necessary, and a host of other information – falls short of distinguishing your brand from others. Telling applicants about the company, the job, and the qualities you seek is far less engaging – thus far less effective – than showing applicants your company’s values, your view of the position, and the skillset you have in mind for a candidate. Experience has shown that video-first recruitment strategies – where video is used to introduce the brand and/or position to candidates – yield more views, better search rankings, larger candidate pools, and – ultimately – more engaged candidates. Through video, candidates get to see your distinction as a brand, as a workplace, and as the place to develop a career immediately. The often cold and impersonal barrier between job ad and desirable candidates is replaced, through video, with a vivid and encouraging introduction to your values and the clear benefits of working for you rather than anyone else.

Video-first recruitment inspires candidates to imagine themselves in the position. It also showcases company culture in a tangible way which helps streamline recruitment by attracting self-selecting candidates that see themselves fitting right into your team. You also save time during the screening, interviewing, and onboarding process since the essential aspects of the brand will already have been presented vividly on video. The necessity of social distance at present only underlines the necessity of establishing face-to-face encounters by other means. Traditional text-based recruitment, now more than ever, needs to be supplemented by video content that shows the brand in its most compelling, most engaging, and most rewarding light. Wirkn makes video intuitive to implement and easy to maintain, so that you can focus on recruiting the right talent for the position. Our platform helps people live their best lives by matching the right candidate with the right position. At Wirkn, we know that video-first recruitment is the best first step for ensuring that the right talent is attracted to and applies for the right position. We have seen the tangible benefits of showing, not telling and that’s why we created a pioneering video-first recruitment platform.