Video Is Worth Much More than 10, 000 Words

Aug 7, 2020Candidates & Job Seekers, Employers & Hiring Managers, Tips0 comments

Successful recruitment begins with a large number and variety of applicants. Each applicant has their own background and skill set. Every candidate could potentially bring something distinct and important to the advertised position. How, though, to see the right candidate, the one who will make a positive impact on the team and fit seamlessly into operations? The traditional text resume has the unfortunate effect of reducing candidates to mere lists of experiences and skills. When screening resume after resume, it sometimes happens that three-dimensional team members are flattened into two-dimensions. The only thing distinguishing one from the next might just come down to their font choice. Not only does the traditional resume suppress the particularity and personality of each candidate, but running through CV after CV is a time consuming and often tedious task. Video-first recruitment is an alternative to the standard model that allows candidates to show their true colors (in vivid color, no less) at the outset. Replacing or supplementing the traditional resume with a video introduction or video response to a set of prepared questions not only allows hiring managers to see how a candidate would fit into the team, but also pushes candidates to invest in the job they are applying for right from the start. More importantly, viewing candidates on video might reveal aspects of their background, personality, or skill set that may have otherwise gone overlooked or unnoticed. A picture, as they say, is worth 10, 000 words – but video is worth much more than words. It saves time and money by expediting the entire recruitment process.

By making the right candidate easier to identify from the very beginning, video-first recruitment speeds up the time to hire by ensuring that only the candidates most holistically suited for the position – from temperament to experience – move on to the next stage. Having video content of prime candidates on hand from the start also encourages collaborative hiring. People other than the hiring manager can weigh in the fit of a candidate by viewing the videos on their own time and offer crucial additional perspectives on what a given candidate might bring to the team. At Wirkn, we know that video-first recruitment puts people first. Our platform is helping to shift the recruitment paradigm away from the opaque initial steps of screening resumes by allowing candidates to easily and quickly present themselves over video. Moreover, our platform utilizes deep-learning AI algorithms to provide advanced psychometric data to better discern and assess candidates via video. We have seen, over the years, that winning “the war over talent” means quickly and efficiently attracting, screening, interviewing, and onboarding the right people. Wirkn speeds up, enhances, and simplifies the process by natively incorporating video into each part recruitment. At Wirkn, we match the right people for the right jobs in the most immediate way possible – and video-first recruitment is that way.