Why Video Resume is the New Tinder of HR

May 12, 2015Employers & Hiring Managers0 comments

Cover letters may be becoming obsolete, but video resumes are here to stay.

Tinder has revolutionized the modern dating world — bringing an element of gamification to matchmaking as users are given the option to “like” each other simply by swiping right. The same can be said with video resumes as more and more employers are using it as a part of the screening and recruitment process. This trend is not just seen in job hiring practices — colleges and higher-level educational institutions are also using video interviewing as a way to prescreen applicants. Here are some of the reasons why video screening is slowly changing the HR landscape:

1) Greater Convenience for Everyone

Gone are the days where you had to walk down five blocks to hand out resumes and try to charm your recruiter in person. Now, you can apply for jobs at home in your favourite pajama pants (don’t worry we all do it). Having a platform like Wirkn allows candidates and employers to submit or review an application at their own convenience without both parties struggling to find a time in their schedule for a phone call or meet up. Especially for international applicants with time zone differences, the medium saves a lot of hassle and late night conversations that could be avoided.

2) How Human are You?

There is a reason behind why companies like Google and Zappos are excelling within their industries: they hire the right people. We are all sick of the buzzword “fit” being tossed around but it’s being done so for good reasons. Hiring the right person is like finding the perfect pair of shoes (we’re talking about versatility AND comfort). Just as you wouldn’t buy a pair of Louboutins if it gives you blisters, businesses only want to bring on individuals that live and breath their brand and values.

This is where video resumes come in — if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth countless. Let your personality come to life on screen and convince the employer that you’re not just all smarts but charismatic too.

3) Get the Job Faster

Clicking through 30-second video clips is a lot faster (and probably more enjoyable) than having to flip through a deck of resumes all with 12 size Times New Roman. With greater convenience and accessibility brought forward by video resumes, applicants can also expect a faster turnaround time in their job searching process.

Have we convinced you why video screening and applications is the way to go? Then it’s time to #getwirkn.