Wirkn makes finding and applying for a job even easier!

Jul 11, 2016Employers & Hiring Managers0 comments

We are excited to announce the release of our fully redesigned web-based job search experience. Finding and applying to jobs from your browser is now a whole lot easier (and might we add, better looking too!).

When we launched the web version of our job search platform two months ago it hit all the basics, but the UI was still lacking. We’ve always been known for our great iOS and Android apps, but now our web experience is just as great!

Here are just a few of the new features:

  • Optimized job list page with more information and new “featured jobs”
  • Improved navigation, clearer and bigger buttons, updated breadcrumb navigation, optimized mobile experience
  • Ability to “quick apply” by jumping straight from the job list to the application page
  • You can now switch languages (English & French)
  • Simplified the “my profile” pages, reducing requirements and improving the mobile experience
  • Added a new “help” sidebar in the profile screen to assist with profile video creation
    Numerous bugs squashed!

    There are thousands of new jobs in Wirkn. What are you waiting for?
    Start your job search now!