Ready, Set, Rehire! – New Roles, New Hires

Jun 4, 2020Employers & Hiring Managers, Landlord & Malls0 comments

The retail sector has and will continue to evolve to meet consumer needs in a world where COVID-19 persists. From the institution of curbside pick-up services during nationwide shutdowns to the incorporation of social distancing guidelines in stores during phased reopening, retail has been reshaped by this pandemic. Keeping on top of health and safety issues – frequently cited as the foremost concern of employees and consumers alike – while also innovating to meet new consumer habits and desires entail changes to who and how retailers hire. On the heels of this public health crisis, new and expanded employee roles are emerging. With new in-house and governmental guidelines for sanitization, new means of interacting with and helping customers, and novel modes of completing transactions, retailers will need candidates who are flexible and able to complete old, new, and unforeseen future tasks. It will be critical to attract, interview, onboard, and retain workers who are multifaceted, dedicated, and eager to meet the challenges of post-COVID retail.


Finding people who can deftly move from face-to-face consumer sales to following inventory sanitization procedures to fulfilling curbside pick-up orders is no simple feat. Whether retailers expand existing roles or increase their laborforce through the addition of new ones, making sure that hiring (or rehiring) and onboarding (or retraining) runs smoothly is paramount.


The constantly changing character of retail roles as well as the emergence of radically new roles calls for a hiring platform that is as flexible and nimble as the candidates retailers seek to attract. Wirkn is that platform. We connect retailers with qualified, local candidates according to their wants and needs. Our AI simplifies and speeds up the screening process so that retailers can focus on higher-order concerns. When it comes time to interview, our video-first platform allows both candidates and employers practice social distancing without giving it a second thought. Retail roles and requirements may be changing, but the need for great candidates, efficient screening, easy interviewing, and streamlined onboarding is constant. Wirkn allows employers and future employees to focus on the crucial work of getting back to business as safely as possible. Whether hiring or rehiring for established or novel positions, Wirkn helps employers and job candidates get back to living their best life.